Life Sciences

 Life Sciences

Westerwood Global are committed in providing first class services to our valued customers from our strategic located offices throughout the world by providing unparalleled engineering expertise. We provide our customers the competitive advantage they need in an ever changing highly competitive world.

Westerwood Global classes each sector within Life Sciences as advanced manufacturing, meaning that significant benefits can be obtained through the deployment of advanced automation and manufacturing information systems.

Westerwood Global works with Life Science clients to: 

  •          To create high quality products with reduced waste
  •          Ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks and industry standards
  •          Decrease product development and time to market significantly
  •          Ensure production is flexible and able to react to external market demand
  •          Utilise cost effective manufacturing techniques
  •          Deliver on our promise of excellence
  •          Committed to providing quality of service that exceed our customers expectations


How do we do this?

  •          Designing custom solutions specifically for Life Science customers
  •          Providing industry leading advice, using applicable technology
  •          Complete life cycle management through support services



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Westerwood Global is committed to the development of strong partnerships within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and is mindful of the challenges faced by these companies in today’s market place.

Westerwood Global works with Pharmaceutical clients to: 

  •          Comply with industry regulations and standards
  •          Improve lean validation and quality management
  •          Productivity and workforce improvements
  •          Decrease new product development and time to market 


How do we do this? 

  •          Providing custom designed solutions that exceed business objectives
  •          Keeping up to date with the latest advances in Pharmaceutical technology



 Medical Devices 

Westerwood Global understand that Medical Devices companies are a fundamental part of the Life Science industry, providing state of the art equipment to service advanced medical procedures across the globe. The medical device sector is a highly dynamic and diverse market which plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, prevention monitoring and treatment of diseases. Westerwood Global work with our clients in this sector to create value, improve processes and to ensure that industry regulations are continuously complied with.

Westerwood Global works with Medical Device clients to: 

  •          Empower customers to be market leaders
  •          Enable efficient workflow
  •          Deliver growth and return on investment
  •          Ensure manufacturing is carried out at a low cost whilst adhering to maintenance of the highest standards of quality.


How do we do this? 

  •          Providing custom designed solutions that exceed business objectives
  •          Keeping up to date with the latest advances in Medical Device technology
  •          Utilising your experience working with Medical Device companies



Bio Pharmaceutical

Westerwood Global understands that Bio Pharmaceutical is a rapidly growing sector within Ireland and is delighted to see the continued support this area attracts from our national trade associations.  We partner with Bio Pharmaceutical clients to offer them unparalleled support in their pursuit of excellence.


Westerwood Global works with Bio Pharmaceutical clients to: 

  •          Meet global expectation for industry
  •          Combining production targets with an overall policy of reducing the impact on the environment
  •          Create safer and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes


How do we do this? 

  •          Utilising our experience working with biotechnology customers
  •          Designing customized solutions based on customer driven industry requirements
  •          Keeping up to date with latest Bio Pharmaceutical industry developments



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